About the Artist

I am a father, a sailor, and a painter.

My children are everything.  Watching them grow and giving them the most that we can has been, and continues to be the most important thing I have ever done in  my life.  They are gymnasts and musicians.  I am proud of what they accomplish and who they are.  Getting to watch them continue to grow is a privilege I am honored to have.

Hal painting Haleakala Crater

I started sailing as a teenager, and being on the water has been my escape from the real world ever since.  There is no feeling like moving through the water on a sailboat.  A sail can be a calm relaxing cruise or a race in heavy winds.  Either one is an experience that rejuvenates me.  My love for being out in nature, and for being on the water is reflected in my art.  A similar feeling of joy and peace that is experienced on a boat is also experienced when creating art.

I have been painting since I was young. Inspired by growing up in a family full of artists, my walls are full of family art. Seeing and living with art by aunts, cousins, grandparents, and older generations has made me feel like it was normal to live a creative life.  Having children has slowed that down, but as they get older there is more time to create. 

I am inspired by what I see outside on an almost daily basis.  I collect images that may be used at a later date as the basis for a painting. When a new painting is started, one of the images I have collected will usually be used as a reference.  These can be pictures from everyday life, or captures from while I am sailing.  My daughters enjoy going through my photos, and looking for pictures to recommend I work from.  I enjoy searching through my archive of pictures and finding the image that will be today's painting.  Which one will be the one?  I never know until I know.