My Painting Process - Dixie Chick and Defiance, One the Run

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I thought I would share the stages of my newest painting as it was being made. I start with a basic drawing, and then I block in the basic colors. 

Dixie chick and Defiance sailboat Preliminary drawing

Once the basic colors are blocked in, I work on refining the drawing and the colors.

From there I start adding details, and bring the whole painting along a little at a time. I don't generally finish one part too much before any other. It probably isn't visible in this picture, but this is when I realized the spinnaker on Dixie Chick was too long, and I have pencil marks refining the shape of the spinnaker.

After some more refining, and detail work it’s done.

Dixie Chick and Defiance - On the Run, 12” x 12”, acrylic paint on panel