Family Art

I mention in 'About the Artist' that I grew up surrounded by family art, and it is so true.  As a very young child, it was art I saw in father's house, or when I went to visit my grandmother.  After she passed away, I inherited some of it.  I have lived with a couple of very special paintings since I was a teenager, and they have influenced me in ways that can't be quantified, but I am sure the influence can be seen in my paintings.  (The way I initial my paintings is a direct nod to Grandpapa Hutson initialing his.) 

Grandpapa Hutson

I stared at this so much when it was in my Grandmother's house

As I have grown older, I have been given or inherited many more pieces.  Living with so much family art is special, and it was no more noticeable than when were given paintings this year for Christmas by my wife's step-mother.  The joy and excitement on my daughter's faces to each get one of Katherine's paintings was beautiful.

Emma and her new painting by Katherine Rutledge

Sarah and her new painting by Katherine Rutledge

They were so excited to tell me where they wanted them hung.  Over the years the girls and I have gone through our house to point out who painted each picture we have.  Paintings by me, my grandmother Carl, their grandmother Jeannie, Grandpapa Hutson, Aunt Ethel, my great aunt Lou Finke, my aunt Dotti, Susan's Auntie Sharon, and Katherine.

A beach scene by Aunt Ethel.

A sailboat at anchor by my Great Aunt Lou.

 A quilt by my Aunt Dotti.  This one hangs in Sarah's room, one of its companions hangs in Emma's room, and the third is in our living room.  We split the set up because each of the girls really wanted one in their own room.

My wife's childhood home painted by her Auntie Sharon.

It is impossible to say how much time I have spent looking at the artwork we have in our house.  The walls are getting crowded, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  Being surrounded by so much art brings me nothing but joy, and I love seeing my daughter's feel the same joy I do.