A Change of Scenery

We took a very short trip up to Branson, MO a few weeks ago in an effort to get some fresh air after so many weeks of quarantine.  It was a lovely trip, even if social distancing and wearing masks made it more difficult than a normal vacation.  Either way, it was good to get out, and I have been inspired by the trip, and completed six paintings related to it.  Two were plein air paintings, one finished on site, the other started on site, but finished at home.  The other four have been done from photo references from the trip.  All paintings are available for purchase; just click the link below the picture.

This first was done while the ladies were doing a ropes course.  I stood below, in the sun, and painted the view.

The View From Sheppard of the Hills, 6" x 6"

The View From Shepherd of the Hills, 6" x 6"

 The next was started en plein air on the Branson Waterfall Hike, but because we were short on time, not completed until we got home.

Branson Waterfall, 6" x 6"

Branson Waterfall, 6" x 6"

On the drive home, we took the scenic route through Arkansas on Hwy 7.  This took us to the top of Buffalo River Canyon, and a spectacular view.  This is the view from the summit of Mt. Judea.

Buffalo River Canyon

Buffalo River Canyon, 13" x 21.5"

This next painting is another inspired by the hike to see the Branson Waterfall.  This is a painting of Susan pausing by the edge of the creek to check out the clear water.

Pausing by the Creek

Pausing by the Creek, 16" x 16"

The rock formations on the hike to the Branson Waterfall were also very cool.  Not something we get to see in south Louisiana.  This little overhang caught my eye as Emma was walking past it.

A Short Hike, 16" x 20"

A Short Hike, 16" x 20"

This is the last painting inspired by the trip to Branson.  This is a miniature waterfall on the way to the big waterfall.

 Reflections, 16" x 20"